Hi, welcome to Ichtus Antwerpen! This is our webpage, where you can find who we are and where we keep you updated about our activities.

Who are we?

Ichtus Antwerpen is a Christian student association that wants to put life with God at the center. Through meeting weekly, we want to think about God and the Bible with fellow students from any background with an open attitude in order to get to know Him (better). We want to engage with te city and be the light in the student world of Antwerp. We do this through having discussion evenings, fun activities, lectures, sports, going to a café, etc. We are supported in this by Ichtus Vlaanderen and IFES.

What are we doing?

Every Tuesday evening we organize an activity. These activities are organized by the praesidium. But who is the praesidium? First of all, we have Ken (praeses). Then we have Liane(ab actis), Silas (fiscus), Leonie (kringco) and Aron (evangelisatieco). We leave the Thursday’s open for members to organise an activity like go pooling, have a dance evening etc.

Every two weeks on Tuesday evening, we come together in small groups. We eat together, do worship, have bible study and pray together. For the regular activities you can think of lectures, playing games, movie evenings, dance evenings, evenings in which we immerse ourselves in the bible etc. Every year we also organize a ball, stay-at-home weekends, a weekend for the new members (with the old members included) and a midweek.

Everyone is welcome at our activities, which is why we will keep you well informed via the site about the activities planned on Tuesday evening. Surf here every now and then for the latest news about Ichtus and any changes in the calendar.

Do you want to become a member?

If you want to become a member of Ichtus Antwerpen, you have to fill out the registration form. Which you can find RIGHT HERE.

The standard membership fee is €40 and we ask you to take this as a guideline. If you have less money at your disposal, €30 is also sufficient to become a member. Suppose you have a broader perspective and you would like to support Ichtus extra financially, then you can transfer €50.

Account Number

BE 67 0019 3635 1887
Account holder: Lub Silas

Do you have any questions/comments or would you like to receive the weekly Ichtus email? Then contact us!

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